Friday, May 29, 2009

My day

It all started with a visit to the kindergarten program where all of the parents had several cameras each.  I didn't have any but thankfully Garrett didn't sing anyway so it was better left unmemorialized.  Then it was time to take the pony to Stockton's class.  I decided to walk her there because she has a tendency to be a little high strung and I thought that she may be mellow after the long walk to school.  Oh yeah, I had two kittens in a backpack as well.  Stockton forgot to tell the teacher that we were coming so it came as a complete surprise to her.  She decided that it would be great if each of the students had a ride on the pony (with no parent release form or legal release signature - I love her!!).  All of the kids survived and so did I even though I came close to heat exhaustion on the way home.  

The evening began with the boys heading out on the father's and son's outing.  All of a sudden the girls were gone with friends and I found myself alone.  When does that happen with a family of 7?!  What did I do with my time you ask?  I hooked up the horse trailer and went to pick the horses up from the spring pasture (I should have taken a bubble bath!).  As I drove up to the pasture, a wild animal that I at first thought was a cat went running by.  Then I noticed that 3 cows were out - but out of where because we don't have any cows.  As if this ride needed more confusion, I suddenly saw that there was a skunk between me and the horses.  I sat in the truck for awhile but the skunk seemed completely unworried.  I honked the horn and nothing.  By now our dog who was in the truck noticed the skunk and was going crazy.  I decided to open the gate and drive into the pasture to scare away the skunk.  Here I came with a big truck and 3-horse trailer and the skunk just slowly sauntered into the ditch and through the irrigation tunnel.  

I had to drive way into the pasture which has very uneven ground in order to get far enough away from the skunk.  I parked and began trying to catch the horses.  One was interested enough in the grain that he let me catch him but when I tried to put him in the trailer, he ran off.  I was not about to lose this battle without a fight so I ran too (holding onto the leadrope).  The horse was running, I was running, and who knew where the skunk was (or the plethora of snakes that inhabit this particular field).  Finally I got outpaced by the horse and the rope flew out of my hand.  I did some kind of a front flip.  I have grass stains to prove it.  I finally got the horses caught and loaded and home just in time to prepare for Brooke and all of her friends to come.  They were coming over to watch a movie outside.  We have couches, blankets, and a TV set up in our backyard (white trash - I know).  It is all set up by out bonfire pile so I stoked up the flames for them and laid down on the couch to wait for them.  I watched a bit of Bedtime Stories while I babysat the fire.  They came and I went in and now I am very tired.